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"Judith Skinner presented another of her vivid
portraits of strong women, her Queenie rising above
the insults of the era’s legal and institutional racism.
I had admired Judith Skinner’s Glimmerglass
performances two seasons ago of two other
formidable women – as Maria(Porgy and Bess) and
as Aunt Eller (Oklahoma).
July 19, 2019
By William on……Opera WarHorses.
"Judith Skinner as Queenie is such a charismatic
presence on stage, it made me think every theatre
needs her, not just for her prodigious talent but for
her character’s ability to reel in African-American
,....She and the fine ensemble cast give
us exquisitely detailed moments of how Blacks and
Whites lived side by side, finding moments of caring
and deep connection, despite an unfair system
based on fear, hatred, and alienation."
July 9, 2019 by Susan Galbraith…DC Theaterscene.
"Judith Skinner has just the right amount of
brassiness, sassiness and sense of fun as Queenie,
whose powerful contralto delivered several star
turns that numbered among the show’s highlights.
 21, 2019 By James Sohre…….operatoday.com
"Queenie (Judith Skinner giving an audience
favorite performance that beams into the house)
Aug 10, 2019 By Patrick White…..Nippertown.com